Data Analysis with Spark & Scala

          Learn how to perform big data analytics using Spark’s lightning fast computing engine and Scala’s functional                

          programming model for large Scale data processing and build . 

         Course Summary
         This 6 week course aims to build a solid foundation in Spark and Scala technologies to enable participants to build models and              applications to perform analytics on Big Data. 

         The course is focused on Spark and its core libraries like Data Frames, MLib, SQL and GraphX. We will also discover the elements          of  functional programming style and dive deep into the most popular language “Scala”. Then, we will apply machine learning

         techniques to build exploratory models using Spark and Scala.
         This course is hands on; most of the topics are introduced with short programs to serve as illustrations and will have hands on l            labs and projects to use the concepts in real life scenarios.

         You will learn

  • Fundamentals of Data Science and Spark
  • Overview of functional programming with Scala 
  • Build spark applications and deploy them in production
  • Build machine learning models and Perform analytics on huge datasets.



  • Fundamental concepts in Programming
  • 1-2 years of experience in object oriented programming e.g. Java, C, C++, C# etc.


        Course Syllabus

  • Week One: Introduction to Data Science and Big Data
  • Week Two: Functional programming with Scala
  • Week Three: Deep Dive into Scala
  • Week Four:  Spark APIs and clusters
  • Week Five: Spark Libraries (SQL, MLib, Graphx)
  • Week Six: Exploratory Analysis with streaming data

         Start Date: Aug 19, 2016